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Welcome to the Epcot Manifesto.

Manifesto?  That doesn't sound very "magical"!  Isn't Epcot in Disney World?  Isn't Disney World one of the happiest places on Earth?  How could one relate the word manifesto with a theme park?

The mission of this website is simple.  To explore the mission of EPCOT Center, the park as it existed in the 1980s and 1990s.  The park before it lost some capitalization and the word "Center" from it's name.  To look at the park that was, the park that is now, and to perhaps suggest some ways that the park could be brought back to it's former glory.  

I emphasize could because what is presented here is not in any way set to happen, nor are they the only ideas that could solve some of the problems of the current theme park.  I've spent WAY too much time thinking about this, so I've come up with some ideas.  I'm not an Imagineer, I have no construction experience, and couldn't begin to figure the budget out for anything.  When I get around to posting some ideas, I'll try to be relatively thoughtful about budget, construction impact to a working theme park, and overall feasibility.  

Let me start with a bit of a disclaimer. I know that I cannot fully separate nostalgia from fact. I know that my affection for EPCOT Center draws heavily from it's influence on me growing up. Unlike some mega-Disney-fans, I did not live in Florida growing up, but we did travel to WDW pretty much annually. I remember my father getting tickets to the opening year of EPCOT Center in the mail, in a shiny envelope, beautiful tickets. Thankfully, he decided to save them and not use them, so some day these will hang on my wall.


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We went almost every year, 1982/83 would have been my first year, meaning I would have been 6 or 7, and I went pretty much from then through to college, so basically I was there through almost all elementary school through high school. Those were some seminal educationally developmental years there, and I guess I was likely always inclined in the science direction anyway (thank you Star Wars).  After a break from WDW trips during my days as a broke college student / young man (only one trip between 1994 and 2002), I started making trips again nearly annually around 2002 with my wife, and later my kids as well.  This means that there is an 8 year break in my visits, and when I finally started going back, something felt different with my favorite park.  It took me years to put my finger on it, but once I did, it's become something akin to an obsession with me.

So all that together adds up to one big nostalgic soup that does influence my thoughts no matter how hard I try and distance myself from them. As this blog progresses, there will be places I'll try my best to be objective. There will be places I'll rely strictly on emotion and memory.  Hopefully I'll be able to point out which is which.

This will be a mix of off the cuff thoughts, ones that I have put together previously on my WDW fan forum of choice (Pipe Vision G-Tech Lenses A F - Snow Goggles), things I've created, things I've researched, and most likely things I've got so wrong that you all will delight in correcting me.

Either way I hope that it will be educational for some, nostalgic for others, thought provoking for most, and at least as well written as a 5th grade book report.

I hope that you enjoy reading, and please feel free to comment to share memories, thoughts, to troll me, whatever.  It's not life or death, it's a theme park!  Let's have some fun.